North Hero Island
Lake Champlain, Vermont
At the little blue camps...

Views from our camps on the east coast of North Hero Island

Foreground Lake Champlain, background Green Mountains

The little blue camps themselves: kids left, grownups right. The lawn was positively enormous.

The shoreline near our camps, looking north

Stand of big trees at lakeside on the lawn

There were huge, gorgeous willows all over the islands, including this one on the lawn.

Kids on dock, contemplating going can't really swim close
to the shore in Lake Champlain because there are too many weeds.
The water's warm, though, at least in late August.

Tim and Deb on the dock

Liese and Deb on the dock

Tim getting ready to boogie board

And they're off!

Kids boogie boarding in the lake. That's Butler Island on the left; you can only get there by boat.

Liese hanging on so she's pulled by the rowboat

Bert and Steve's colorful kayaks, which they were
kind enough to lend us for the two weeks.

Megan, who came up from New York to stay with us
the second week, and Liese ready to go paddling.

There they go!

And now they're making some real progress!

Tim doing his summer reading in a very pleasant spot at the end of the dock.

Two sides of Liese: l-Relaxing with a book in a faux Adirondack chair; r-looking determined as she takes the orange kayak out

Aunt Bert and Liese, the "blond girls in orange,"
share an air kiss on the Great Lawn.

Steve can blow perfect smoke rings.
The kids were MAJORLY impressed.

Megan enjoys spinning on the old-fashioned tree swing.

Long late afternoon shadows on the lawn

Spectacular rainbow over Lake Champlain

Moonrise over Lake Champlain

Tim and Megan chillin' in Camp B, the kids' camp (photo credits: Liese)

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