Antiwar Protest, Washington, D.C.
January 18, 2003

A reference to the root of all evil in the 
Lord of the Rings series.
The shire is the beautiful, peaceful place
where the hobbits live.

Bush's cowboy shtick didn't wow this crowd.

You can not kill for peace

DrugBush-Free Zone

Another Carpenter for Peace

This was the basic message...

further enumerated and depicted here.

This was part of the subtext.

Regime change begins
in the White House

If you pay taxes
you're supporting terrorism

Who elected this fucker?

For my Iranian-American friends Behi and Homayoon

A good point...

another good point...

and another good point.

Many signs reminded Georgie of his obligations as a Christian.
Jesus, Gandhi and Martin Luther King, Jr. were widely quoted.

Bilingual banner

The Vermonters had one of the most beautiful banners.

Why should Vermonters have to die for Texas Oil Billionaires? Why indeed?

Vermont still has the dream...there were a lot of American flags, people showing that they thought what they were doing was patriotic.

The GLBT community was not forgetting recent history.

Make glam, not war

This fashionable patriot had his hair shaved into a peace symbol.

This was a good one. I understand the TV works were showing lots
of black and ethnic faces so the white folks at home would think it wasn't a "mainstream" crowd.
It was a gloriously diverse crowd but minorities were not overrepresented,
there were plenty of white suburban people with their kids out there, PLENTY.

Veterans were well represented at this ANTIWAR demonstration.
If anybody has any credibility on this issue, it's these people.

Various groups and chapters were represented.

There were veterans of every age out there.

These vets would like to remind us of something. 
And no, going AWOL from the Texas National Guard doesn't count.

I don't know who these guys were but they were quite striking in their masks and costumes.

This guy was representing polar bears against oil drilling in Alaska.
We all admired his very warm-looking costume.
The only thing the papers got right about the demonstration was that it was cold out there.

But not as Bush's heart!
Fight the real enemy.

We saw Toddlers for Peace, Babies Against the War, and even Dogs for Peace.

Most of the signs were homemade and many of them were quite personalized.

This one's for Bartcop.

Random crowd shots

 Pretty mainstream, wouldn't you say?

This guy had his pithy sign on a
telescopic pole for maximum height.

This was one of the lines to get into the Air and Space Museum,
where one could spend a few minutes warming up,
using the very clean facilities, and having some EXTREMELY fast fast food.
First all our bags and coats had to be X-rayed but there were evidently no terrorists among us.

Thought this was fitting for my last shot of the day.

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